About Me

About Me

I have always loved photography, even as a child.  My father bought me my first real camera for my 8th birthday.  It was a 35mm Minolta that I really wish I still had.  In high school and college, I always carried a camera with me, to capture those unforgettable memories.  This was before everyone had a cell phone camera, so I was an oddity in those days.

Once I had children, my desire to capture every moment grew even more.  I had a point and shoot camera with me at all times, and I have thousands of photos of my children through the years.  In 2010, my family bought me my first Canon DSLR for Mother's Day.  In 2012, I finally decided to learn how to properly use it.  I found an instructor, and I have taken numerous courses in camera settings, composition, and technique.

Photography is now my main hobby.  I practice whenever I get the chance, which is usually during my children's sports and events.  I have gotten quite good at youth hockey photography.  I practice on my children's teammates, and in exchange for that, I share my photos with their parents.

Thank you for supporting my hobby!