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My models are tired of my hobby

Since my children were born, I have always had a camera in my bag.  I have so many snapshots of them from the moment they were born.  Seeing a camera pointed at them is nothing new.

In 2012, I decided to get serious about my photography.  I learned how to properly use my camera and not just rely on its automatic settings.  I became fussier with my photos, especially when it comes to lighting, focus, and background.

In order to practice, the camera was still always out, but now I gave more instructions and we had many more retakes.  My kids humored me and allowed me the practice I needed.

Now, I have a 13, 11, and 10 year old.  They don’t humor me anymore.  Telling them that it’s picture time is akin to me telling them they are going to school on a Saturday.  I have to coax, wheedle, and finally, threaten to get any photos of them.

Seamus, the dog, is the easiest.

O, the youngest, is the most compliant of the kids.  She can be stubborn, but she also loves attention.  If I tell her I will post the photo on Facebook, she hams it up.

A, the oldest, complains, a lot, when I bring out the camera.  But when he sees I am serious, he realizes the quickest way to get this over with is to just smile.  Every smile is plastered on, but I can usually get him to give me a real smile if I tell bad jokes.

And that leaves the middle child, E.  She is all sass and has been her entire life.  Here is a sample of what professional photographers have caught through the years.

Do you see a pattern with how she poses for me?

And this is why I like to photograph events, like sports games and plays.  They can’t argue with me.


I may decide to move into the now and add a blog to my website.  Who knows?  Maybe people will actually read it!

I plan on adding blog posts complete with photos.  So stay tuned!